Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-31

  • Drip Marketing Idea 35: Don’t hire more staff to do your follow-up, just hire the right tools.(skipped #35 for those who are keeping track) #
  • Drip Marketing Idea 37: A Drip Strategy has distinct steps. So, you can determine exactly where it’s working & where it’s not. #
  • Drip Marketing Idea 36: Think SYSTEMS. When you systematize something, it means you can do it over & over, the same way every time. #
  • RT @SalesProInsider Everyone help competitor win top Sales Article of Month? Visit,close race! Vote Nancy Bleeke #
  • Spider dropped on my arm while driving. Caused me to take out neighbors mailbox. Sorry @tweetybird53149 Mailbox OK, car is not :( #
  • Drip Marketing Idea 34:Selling something complicated? Ask your customers to be a case study. You both get to promote your business! #
  • Been thinking about setting up a drip marketing program? Do it now. Infusionsoft set-up fee temporarily dropped! #

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