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7 Insanely Affordable Video Marketing Tactics

You can run a video contest on Facebook as long as you comply with the site’s promotional guidelines. Lots of customers will give you written testimonials; contact some of those customers and give them an incentive to put their testimonials into a video. Be a leader in your industry by creating a place where your […]

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Don’t Just Market Your Company, Market Yourself

In today’s world of social networking, marketing yourself has become both easier and more important, but, it is important that you present yourself to the world as a cohesive and desirable package.  If you aptly do so, you may find that you have more opportunities open to you in both your professional and personal life. […]

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Starting an Affiliate Marketing Businesses

Having a source of additional income can be a big help in making ends meet, right? The good thing is that if you would like to have additional income, you can actually make use of the internet. With the internet, you can start up an online business even without having to give up your day […]

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12 Methods Guaranteed to Get Your Marketing Message in Front of More Prospects

Fed up with search engine optimization, list buying, networking, advertising and other traditional ways to get your marketing message in front of new prospects?   Here are 12 alternatives you can begin using today:   1. Send your content as an e-mail. Your lists of prospects and current customers are the most valuable component in […]

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Internet Marketing For Local Business

Internet Marketing for Local Business In spite of some negative publicity and Presidential comments, here in Las Vegas we still host a lot of conventions, especially in internet marketing. The hottest topic for the last few years has been marketing local businesses on the internet. There are some programs being sold on the web but, […]

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