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Making Autoresponder Messages Sell Themselves

An autoresponder is a computer software program that automatically sends a reply to someone who’s is in need of new or some important information. It is being widely used as the time saving marketing tool for a home-based business promotion, as it gives you the ability to schedule the messages effortlessly for months at a […]

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The Internet Versus Postcard Marketing

Modern technology and the popularity of the internet have made it easy for people to shop. Look for information, and buy whatever and whenever they want. They can control the information they get and those that they look for. But not everyone uses the internet these days. What if you are a business owner and […]

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Ezine marketing tips to generate affordable leads online

A great way to generate leads and sales is to market your website or product by writing a solo ad for an ezine. An ezine is an online magazine. A solo ad is a single ad that you will pay an ezine to email to all of its subscribers. This is an amazing marketing opportunity […]

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Explode Your Article Marketing Traffic In These Simple Steps

Article Marketing is a widely used tool that anyone can use to drive a great deal of traffic to their website or online business. If you are wanting an endless amount of traffic to be driven to your business, following these article marketing traffic ideas will ensure true success. Article marketing has been and will […]

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Integrity For Sale: $250

A few weeks ago I sent out an e-mail marketing piece to my list, advertising a marketing product. It was fascinating because it achieved two “firsts:” 1. It was the first time I had marketed something that I hadn’t personally used, or had a reasonable assurance from somebody that I trusted that it was a […]

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