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How to Use Nature in Your Drip Marketing Plan

I love Mark McGuinness’ analogy of seeing your business through the eyes of a gardener vs a warrior.  He outlines principles from nature that we can use to grow our biz. You’re not in control.  Disappointment and surprise go hand in hand. Get rid of the weeds. The death of something great is not the […]

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Consumer Lifestyle Surveys Feeding Your Sales Pipe-Line : Where to begin?

The success of any business depends on acquiring, growing, and retaining profitable relationships with customers. The heart of the process is the sales pipeline – where sales opportunities are managed from qualification to closed sale. Put simply a sales pipeline is any list of qualified prospects that aren’t ready to buy right now. A good […]

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International Internet Marketing Association – Minimizing Internet Marketing Risks

International Internet Marketing Association How well you understand internet marketing risks will make or break you. Despite rumors of all of the easy internet riches that await the entrepreneur, instant millionaires and DOT-COM legends, there is also a genuine ugliness to the web. Unknown to newcomers, the internet is not safe, and to the unprepared […]

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