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I am new to Facebook.  My kids laughed when they heard I was setting up my Facebook profile.  I told them it wasn’t ‘just’ to be aware of what they’re doing but also it use for business.  I’ll admit I wasn’t sure how to use it for business at first.  As I research how others are using it, I’m getting the picture. 

Today, one of my favorite blogs, Ductape Marketing, listed the top 10 business applications for Facebook.  I’m going to work on incorporating those into my profile over the next few days.  Read the blog here.

BTW, I need more friends. 😉  Please visit my profile, add me and let me know how you’re making it work for your business.

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  1. Phil Gerbyshak August 28, 2008 at 4:26 am #

    I’m still learning to leverage Facebook for business too. John’s tips are awesome. Make sure you also subscribe to http://chrisbrogan.com and check him out. He’s a social media guru.

    Lastly, the book “I’m on Facebook Now What?” is a great one to pick up for additional help.

    Unrelated but important: I can’t find an RSS feed for your blog. Any idea why that is? Thanks!

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