Infusionsoft – A Better Way to Grow Your Small Business

Do you want to grow quickly and profitably without adding staff?

Infusionsoft, the leader in Drip Marketing Software, will help you do exactly that!

Through the magic of automated Drip Marketing software, you can grow smarter and faster by sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Drip Marketing differs from Email Marketing (autoresponders) in three ways:

1. It is smart. Because it includes a database (CRM) that tracks behavior, you can send intelligent messages that match customer needs.
2. It is automated (and personal). Because it includes a powerful autopilot, you can respond to triggers automatically.
3. It is more than email. It can also send direct mail, voice messages, and more. You know…Drip Marketing :)

Plus, Infusionsoft is designed to grow with you. When you are ready, you can add e-commerce, sales force automation, affiliate management and the rest of the GrowthSuite to make Infusionsoft a complete sales and marketing automation system.

Click here to learn how to grow the easy way through the power of Infusionsoft.


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