Do You Need Help Writing Your First E-Book?

eBook EvolutionA very important part of any successful drip marketing program is to have something that you can offer your audience in exchange for their email address and permission to stay in contact with them.  The most popular tool for that is to offer an eBook on your expertise.  When someone chooses to download your eBook, it means that they are a legitimate prospect.    If you sell gardening supplies and someone comes to your site and downloads your eBook, you can safely assume they are into gardening and will be a good prospect for your products and services.  What this mean is having an eBook on your site, is an excellent way for you to weed out the ‘lookers’ from the potential ‘buyers!  That prospect is also giving you permission to continue to communicate with them after they leave your site.  Drip Marketing in action!

So, if having an eBook is such a great tool, why don’t more people offer them?  Well, getting started is the biggest obstacle.  Small business owners are busy.  There are a million things to do each and every day.  Sometimes it takes getting some help in order to make writing that eBook a priority.   It can also be very intimidating looking at that blank piece of paper or blank Word .doc.  I have found a great tool for accomplishing both.

You’ve got to check out eBook Evolution. It’s a new product from Kelly Kingman of and Pamela Wilson of  Kelly and Pamela teamed up to create an all-in-one toolkit for writing, creating and launching your own eBook.

When Kelly and Pamela met at SXSW earlier this year they realized that together they had all the tools and knowledge that people need to create great-looking, profitable eBooks — whether it was getting clear on what to write about, finding an inexpensive way to make it look good, or figuring out how to sell it without unnecessary hype.

So many entrepreneurs want to write and sell an eBook but need a way to make the design and launch process easier. Hiring a designer can get expensive, and hard-sell copywriting is not as effective as relationship-building — especially when you’re just starting out.  That’s where eBook Evolution comes in.

eBook Evolution includes:
•    The Sticky eBook Formula: Kelly’s acclaimed eBook that takes you through the idea-generation and writing process.
•    Templates for OpenOffice writer designed by Pamela, who has 24+ years of publication design experience.
•    An instructional guide and in-depth screencast for using the templates
•    The Cover Recipe Book, step-by-step recipes for creating 20 different covers
•    The eBook Evolution Launch Guide which shows you how to take the overwhelm out of launching, including worksheets and checklists
•    A Quick Start Guide to see how all of the above fits together and where to start depending on your experience level
•    Lots of fun bonuses!

Book Evolution is $147. Considering that even a basic cover design can cost $150, it’s a really great deal.  So, by this time next week, you can have your own e-book written, designed and ready to offer on your site.

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