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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-17

#LaunchTree still no login info and no response from Support. How do I get my money back? # #LaunchTree Bought the program 2 days ago, done everything they asked trying to get login info. Still no answer. No help from support. # Drip Marketing Idea 28: Don’t be boring! Use humor to engage your audience. […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-10

Drip Marketing Idea 23: Make sure your website drives them to take action. Download a report, watch a video, comment on a blog. # Drip Marketing Idea 22: Test out ideas. Try something new, measure it and see what kind of response you get. Change it & try it again. # Drip Marketing Idea 21: […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-03

Drip Marketing Idea 18: Train your prospects about your industry. Help them understand where you fit in & how you’re better. # #followfriday @salesproinsider Great sales ideas! # Drip Marketing Idea 17:Don’t be afraid to be repetitive. It takes seeing a message 7-9 times before it registers with your prospects.REPEAT! # Drip Marketing Idea 16: […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-26

Drip Marketing Idea 13: Provide your audience with your expertise. Give them free advise via a white paper or free report. # Drip Marketing Idea 12: Automate your Drip Strategy. Lot’s of great software available. Tweet me for my favorite tools. # Drip Marketing Idea 11: Don’t wait until your Drip Strategy is perfect. Begin […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-19

Girls with friends, hubby & son went golfing. I’m actually home alone. It’s quiet…lovely! Can’t remember last time I had this. # Drip Marketing Idea 7: Use social marketing to drip information to your audience. You never know which tool will connect with them. # Drip Marketing Idea 6: Use postcards to drive prospects to […]

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