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Is Social Networking Scary?

When I was a teenager and suffering through all the normal teenage insecurities, my mother gave me many pieces of advice but one really stuck with me.  She would smile knowingly and say,  Don’t compare your inside to someone else’s outside. Maybe you’ve heard this expression before.  The point being, everyone wears their masks in life.  The […]

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Get Your Motivation Online

I stumbled upon an interesting site the other day.  MasteryTV  It’s like Youtube for Motivational Speakers.  It’s another social network but with a twist.  The only videos, audios and blogs allowed are those with a positive message.  The developer, Tom Wood, says “it’s a social network that’s all about success.” I like the idea and […]

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New Social Networks

Wow, they’re popping up everywhere.  A new one I like is the SalesBlogcast.  Join the community where sales and leadership professionals network, share best practices, blog, find sales jobs, and develop innovative ideas for success! SalesBlogcast is a group within LInkedIn.  Looks like a great place for networking with other sales professionals.

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I’m Baaaaacccckkk!

Missed me?  I’ve had a number of people email me and tell me that they’d like to see my blog continue.  I was very busy on some personal and professional projects for awhile but my interest and passion for sales has never died.  Expect more frequent updates.

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When to Give Up on a Sale

Many salespeople know intuitively when they’ve hit the wall and a prospective client isn’t going to buy. Others give up too early, while still others keep hitting their heads against that wall. So when do you stop trying to convert a prospect to a client? At a minimum, you should plan three to five sales discussions […]

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