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Even with Drip Marketing, You Still Have To Be Able to Sell

If you’re a Sales Manager or Trainer, a Company President or an HR Manager, then you know the importance of sales training. You know that in today’s economy, sales training is absolutely crucial. But do you know which training techniques are the most effective in today’s economy? Do you know which techniques have lasting power […]

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How do you follow-up?

How Do You Follow-up? Take a look at these statistics.  Most of us have seen these numbers more than once and we instinctually know they’re accurate.   Painful, but accurate. We all know how important follow-up is but we struggle with actually doing it.  You’re busy.  You mean to.  You forgot.   Don’t feel bad, you’re not […]

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Need a Ghost Writer?

Here’s an awesome opportunity!  A fellow blogger/writter/twitterererer is willing to ghostwrite a E-Book for FREE!  Check it out Tina McAllister’s blog.

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The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity                                                                                           –Bruce Lee  

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The Importance of Choosing Your Words

I heard a story about a man and his small son who were hiking up a mountain.  Suddenly, the little boy slipped and slid about 30 yards down the mountainside, getting caught in some brush.  Unhurt but frightened, he called out, “Somebody help me!”  A voice called back, “Somebody help me!” The youngster looked surprised […]

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