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How to Use Nature in Your Drip Marketing Plan

I love Mark McGuinness’ analogy of seeing your business through the eyes of a gardener vs a warrior.  He outlines principles from nature that we can use to grow our biz. You’re not in control.  Disappointment and surprise go hand in hand. Get rid of the weeds. The death of something great is not the […]

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Making Autoresponder Messages Sell Themselves

An autoresponder is a computer software program that automatically sends a reply to someone who’s is in need of new or some important information. It is being widely used as the time saving marketing tool for a home-based business promotion, as it gives you the ability to schedule the messages effortlessly for months at a […]

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The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity                                                                                           –Bruce Lee  

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What’s Your Sign Say?

Every single person on this planet has an invisible sign on the front of them that says, “Appreciate Me and Make Me Feel Good.” Decide to do at least 1 thing today that will show someone that you appreciate them.  If you really want to challenge yourself, do it for someone you wouldn’t normally nurture in that way.  […]

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“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say thank you?” -William A Ward Send a free thank you card today.  Visit

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