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NASA photos show giant cosmic hand

NASA photos show giant cosmic hand – I love this picture. What a reassuring feeling it invokes!  I will put it on my board to look at every day as a reminder of who is really in control.  Despite how much I think it’s me, it’s not.   

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The Importance of Choosing Your Words

I heard a story about a man and his small son who were hiking up a mountain.  Suddenly, the little boy slipped and slid about 30 yards down the mountainside, getting caught in some brush.  Unhurt but frightened, he called out, “Somebody help me!”  A voice called back, “Somebody help me!” The youngster looked surprised […]

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Is Social Networking Scary?

When I was a teenager and suffering through all the normal teenage insecurities, my mother gave me many pieces of advice but one really stuck with me.  She would smile knowingly and say,  Don’t compare your inside to someone else’s outside. Maybe you’ve heard this expression before.  The point being, everyone wears their masks in life.  The […]

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Today's Inpiration

The greatest thief this world has ever produced is procrastination, and he is still at large.  –H.W Shaw 😈

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QBQ! The Question Behind the Question

I got a chance to re-read this book yesterday.  It’s a quick and powerful reminder that we need to always look at role we play in our own lives.  Personal Responsiblity.  While it seems scary to take responsiblity for things in your life, it’s actually liberating.  It means you have a direct impact on your […]

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